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Designer: Rachel Sin

Rachel Sin is a designer for both the body and city landscapes. The trained architect turned fashion designer says ‘having a sense of style is a lifestyle.’ You have to surround yourself in beautiful things to develop a keen eye for good design. While fashion and architecture often inspire one another, Rachel began developing a passion for all things well designed in her studies, earning a Masters degree in architecture. If “God is in the details”, then let the folds of the fabric create these details. Demanding perfection is no easy task in architecture; you must be meticulous and always demand quality. Launching her own line she enjoys the fast pace release of each new season and the expression of creativity where she has full design control. Sin’s ability to translate her architectural skills onto fabric makes this fashion designer one to look out for.


If architecture must always be functional, then fashion should always be wearable. Rachel creates a ready-to-wear line that is the always-appropriate outfit which makes going to work a little more fun and makes a bigger impression at that special occasion. A luxurious collection that has seen each dress re-worked and perfected to become that must-have item in your closet. Refined and sculpted to the form of the female body, with architectural lines that are strong, yet feminine and always at ease with effortless function. The designer focuses on cocktail and work-appropriate dressing that combines precision in cut and demure sensuality.


Rachel is fluent in must-have culture. She designs for the independent, want-to-do-it-all woman whose wardrobe is an extension of her confidence, originality and personal style. You never have to try too hard or look overdone, understated style is looking polished in a form fitting dress. What first began as a form of creative release, Sin has turned her designs into a brand desired by the women who work in the buildings she helps create.



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Designer: Rachel Sin - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014