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Designer: KAVI KAVI

Dipika Gupta was born in Lusaka, Zambia and is originally of South Asian descent. Her interest in fashion began in early childhood thanks to the influence of her mother, who taught her the art of sewing. In both junior high and high school Dipika began creating her own clothing and wearing them to school. Her designs were often admired by her classmates and she fondly recalls selling her first pair of pants to one of them at the age of 12.


Later on in life while studying Economics and Accounting at The University of Toronto, Dipika decided to pursue Fashion Design at George Brown College. Upon graduating she partnered with her sisters to launch their own company: Kavi Kavi. The label began to gain recognition in major cities with Kavi Kavi items being sold in Montreal, Toronto, New York, and San Francisco.


Since 2011, Dipika took over full control of Kavi Kavi and began by going on a soul searching journey to India to create her next collection. She worked closely alongside Indian hand-embroidery craftsmen to add that extra exotic touch to her collection. After a visit to the city of Jaipur, which is known for it’s historic Royal culture and history, Dipika made the decision to name her new collection: “Indian Royalty”.


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Designer: KAVI KAVI - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014