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Designer: KANIA Couture Inc.

Stacey Bafi-Yeboa


Staceyʼs began her career as a professional performing artist having danced on Broadway in Saturday Night Fever in various films such as Hairspray, The Music Man, The Year of the Lion,
national commercials for Gap, Nike, Leonʼs, Milk and many more. Her passion for fashion began while living in New York City. As a dancer her mission was always to blur lines between fashion and comfort allowing women to both move freely and still look stylish. Stacey loves to be free, lives to be free, this is the essence of KANIA. Beautiful clothing you can eat in, breathe in, dance in, live in, strategically designed to accentuate your assets and camouflage your flaws!


KANIA Spring / Summer 2014 Welcomes you to KANIA Island… get ready to experience TROPICAL LUXURIANCE… Join us on our quest for radiance, adventure freedom and fun! Let’s live the KANIA life! Happy 10 years KANIA!! See you on the runway!



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Designer: KANIA Couture Inc. - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014