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Designer: Joseph Ribkiff

Canadian designer Joseph Ribkoff proudly continues designing and manufacturing his collections in Canada. These collections, distributed to over 3000 boutiques worldwide, enjoy a well-deserved international reputation due to the precision and quality involved in producing them. They are the product of Ribkoff’s 54 years experience in the fashion industry, perpetuate this international growth, Miss America has recently become the new face of the business.


Regardless of the occasion, a Joseph Ribkoff woman will find the perfect outfit! Joseph Ribkoff’s international distribution network is continually expanding – he is now represented in 40 markets, featuring the most chic cities in the world. Changing quarterly, his collections are sold in exclusive boutiques and by independent retailers, who are proud to offer a personalized service that understands and meets the needs of their clientele.


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Designer: Joseph Ribkiff - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014