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Designer: Jana & Emilia Fashion Design Studio

The Jana & Emilia Fashion Design Studio is based in Ottawa and have shown their collection in all past Ottawa Fashion Week seasons. The designers create unique creations for demanding clients, tailored to their individual figure, style and lifestyle. Often influenced by ethnic inspirations or by historical periods, Jana and Emilia create wearable haute couture pieces that appeal to women who wish to celebrate their femininity with an added touch of glamour. With high-quality workmanship, exceptional pattern making and fine fabrics, Jana & Emilia make women feel comfortable, while looking fabulous.


This season, the Ottawa based design duo, Jana Hanzel and Emilia Torabi, have gathered their creative mind together, yet again, to fulfill the demand for a unique, interesting and wearable men’s line in Ottawa, with their original Duality Collection. The designing duo will debut their first menswear collection at the Ottawa Fashion Week on September 14th at 8:00pm, at the Hilton Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, including a women’s line too. The smart and casual Duality Collection is combined with a bouquet of colors like royal blue, mustard yellow, golden brown and cream which features natural fibers such as silk, cotton, linen, and light wool. The mix of textured fabrics are embellished with leather and suede to add more exclusivity to the line’s outfits. Both parts of the collection – men’s and women’s, embrace the confident sophistication that you can go on with for every occasion.


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Designer: Jana & Emilia Fashion Design Studio - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014