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Designer: Elena Hinke

Elena Hinke has been a women’s haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion designer, couturier, tailor, and seamstress for over 25 years. Elena Hinke’s fashion house is called Elena Hinke Haute Couture and Tailoring Inc. (or for short “Elena Hinke HC&T”) (websites:, and formerly was founded in 2001 by Elena Hinke. For viewing Elena Hinke fashions videos, Google: “youtube elena hinke fashion shows”, or “youtube elena’s creations fashion shows”.


At last year’s OFW SS2013 fashion show Elena Hinke’s collection was beautiful and awe inpiring, and caught the attention of The Ottawa Citizen News Paper’s Fashion Editor “Janet Wilson”, who wrote a feature article about Elena Hinke, stating that: Elena Hinke was “In A League Of Her Own!”, and was “Canada’s Best Kept Secret!”.


Canada’s leading ladies, including: opera singers, actresses, movie stars, politicians’ wives, business women, and even the Governor General’s wife – will tell you that “designer Elena Hinke is one of the best women’s fashion designers in Canada, because Elena has a unique talent for designing and making elegant, feminine, and stunning women’s clothing for all occasions, in the style and fit that makes women of all ages look their best”. Not only do Elena Hinke’s clothes make you look fantastic; but they are also made from luxurious fabrics, and are perfectly tailored to make you feel great when you wear them! ”.


In addition to being an amazing women’s fashions designer, Elena Hinke is also a very skilled tailor and craftswomen. Like some of the world famous Italian designers, Elena Hinke has the unique talent of being able to customize and tailor her clothing designs to suite her individual customer’s unique beauty, style, and body shape.


Elena Hinke – Spring/Summer Collections 2014:

Haute Couture Collection: The designer found her inspiration for her Haute Couture collection from many sources, creating an exquisitely feminine and luxurious collection of long and slender silhouettes, with several elegant combinations of delicate fabrics of silk, satin, organza, crepe, and taffeta.


The collection boasts a beautiful blend of sensual and romantic spring and summer colors; presented in a unique collection featuring very light, airy, floaty, shear, and see-through designs, and accented by several artistic pieces creating attractive, soft, feminine, and alluring looks which accentuate a women’s femininity and sex appeal.


Ready-To-Wear Collection: The designer’s Ready-To-Wear collection is smartly designed to be pleasantly easy to wear, while paying attention to the body’s movement, and accentuating feminine curves and sex appeal. This collection combines many elegant and complimentary fabric types, colors, textures, and prints to create a variety of eye catching looks and pleasing to wear outfits.


This line up has something in it to please everyone, with some stronger looks from rich colors of royal blue, lime green, and fusia; while other softer looks elegantly composed of lavender and champagne peach, mixed together to create an airy and breezy line up.



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Designer: Elena Hinke - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014