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Designer: Brit Wacher

Brittany was born and raised on a farm in Western Canada. She was then educated in Vancouver, British Columbia and now lives in Montreal, Quebec. She spent some months in Bangkok, Thailand working as a stylist (including Eloquence International Creators Magazine and Thailand Encounter Magazine)and was assistant to the Dutch designer, Pauline Van Dongen in Holland. Her work has graced many pages of press, garnering her international attention, including Italian Fashion publication, “HOW COOL!”, Vogue Italia, C- Heads Magazine, Carbon Magazine, Reverie Magazine, Press Magazine, OUCH! Magazine, Fame’d Magazine, plus other local publications.


Integral to her vision is the concept of duality and the passage of energy through time in space. Embracing this duality, she seeks to express a core conflict in the world around us. In the search for beauty, often one is consumed by ugly desperation. The vehicle Brittany employs is fantasy. She is interested in creating a conceptual display of both shapely-tailored craftsmanship integrating flowing draped elements, subtle obscurities and well-made garments. BANN by Brit Wacher consists of women’s and unisex ready-to-wear.


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Designer: Brit Wacher - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014