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Designer: Beaucoup Fashion House

In 2008, three young fashion forward visionaries, Godfrey Mensah, Tolu Ogundare, and Ebenezer Osei Afriyie thrust Beaucoup Fashion House into existence with colourful BEAUCOUP t-shirts. Both adoring friends and perfect strangers admired their impeccable taste and personal style. By 2010, Beaucoup Fashion House (BeaucoupFH transitioned from t-shirt designs to completing their first Cut & Sew Hand Crafted in Canada full Spring/Summer collection with the focus of Quality Over Quantity.


BeaucoupFH, like its creators, is the life of the party. Never too much, always playful and fashion forward Beaucoup Fashion House marries the runway with the street, classic styles with cutting edge designs, and old favorites with new twists.


BeaucoupFH strives to create clothing for, and encourage the imaginations of those who push boundaries fashionably, socially, and intellectually. In French, beaucoup means a lot Beaucoup is a lot.


Welcome to your sixth sense

BeaucoupFH Crew

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Designer: Beaucoup Fashion House - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014