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Designer: Avenir

Avenir Designs is a new Canadian Fashion company located in Ottawa, Ontario. Avenir is the “future” of fashion – our goal is to encourage the minimizing of disposable fashion by creating contemporary clothing for woman between the ages of 25 and 45 with the concept of transformation and evolution. Our signature multi-wear line has the ability to tie, twist, snap or even turn upside down which motivates each individual to express themselves by creating a personalized outafit. Clothing defines who we are; therefore, it must be versatile to fit our changing needs. Avenir endeavours to develop clothing to “Fit the Rhythm of Your Life”.


Micaela Cook Bio


Micaela Cook began her design career by spending most of her time drawing and creating costumes. As a young child, she had spotted a runway show on television and was determined that she wanted to create her own clothing line when she grew up.


She began her career studying fashion design at Fanshawe College located in London, Ontario. Upon graduating, Micaela had the opportunity to attend the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom where she grew her confidence and her flair for “Out of the Box Forward Thinking” designs. When Micaela is designing, she is inspired by cultures and landscapes, the odd or unusual and shapes and colors. Every design focuses on flattering the real woman’s body; taking into account their shape.


With the launch of her own freelance fashion design company, Seconds Before Waking, she expanded her fashion interest and worked for several companies in the Ottawa area. Her latest adventure entails being the head designer of a new Women’s Fashion Company in Ottawa; AVENIR Designs.



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Designer: Avenir - Ottawa Fashion Week :: SS2014